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Debbie from Tennessee said May 16, 2018
Very Pleased
~ I just received my plants, and they are perfect. Wonderful plants, beautiful packaging, and fast shipping! I just couldn't be more pleased. Thank you. 

Leslie G. Kansas said May 15, 2018
~ The best plants I've ever seen, absolutely beautiful. Very fast shipping and healthy plants. Nice touch, Thanks. 

Alix from New York said May 3, 2018
Satisfied Customer
~ This was my first time ever ordering live plants online, so I was checking out a few other sites alongside this one to compare prices and etc. However, once I started scrolling through the broad selection of beautiful pictures and helpful descriptions, I closed all the other tabs and began to browse this site exclusively. My plants arrived promptly, packaged with care, and in great condition. I am very happy and will be a repeat customer. 

George from Ohio said May 3, 2018
low tech plant package
~ Excellent plants, well packaged, look great, fast shipping, thanks

Aaron from Iowa said May 2, 2018
~ First time order and sure not to be the last. Everything was as described and then some. Very professional packing job. The insulation was above and beyond. Nice personal note on the invoice in addition to the acknowledgment of my special request. I Will do my best to spread the good word on the local forums.  

Leslie Kirkland from LA said May 2, 2018
Very nice plants
~ Received my order today. Everything arrived just fine and looked like they are in great shape to start growing. Thank you so much for the good service and beautiful plants. I will order from Planted Aquariums Central again. 

Josh from IA said April 26, 2018
Great product and service
~ Never a problem with any purchases from Planted Aquariums Central. Fast shipping and the plants are always in great shape. Much better than any pet store plants. And quite often the amount I receive is more than I expected. I won't be looking anywhere else for plants. 

Michelle from California said April 12, 2018
Excellent Quality
~ I just received my first order today and I was very happy to find all of the plants alive and in good condition. I also received more stems than what was described in the description, which was a really nice surprise. I will definitely be ordering from here again!  

Brian from WI Said April 11, 2018
Live Plants
~ First I'd like to start out with this is my first review. Hands down one of the best transactions ever!! I ordered on Wednesday and it shipped Saturday just like the shipping information says. I received my order Tuesday 10:30 a.m. USPS didn't update the tracking until 8 a.m. saying it would be in a couple hours. Opened and followed the instructions, these plants were packaged beautifully and looked beautiful!! Thanks for the handwritten thank you. Means a lot. I will always order from Planted Central Aquariums!! Thank you again!!! A+A+A+ 

William Annelli from New Jersey said April 11, 2018
recent orders
~ 4-11-18 I can't say enough good things about this site. orders arrive quickly and the plants are beautiful. Thank You    

Robin from New Mexico said April 8, 2018
Beautiful plants!
~ I just submitted my third order. I am a newbie at aquatic plants and the pictures and details are so helpful. All the plants have arrived healthy and beautiful and are all thriving! Thank you so much! 

Sheila Cabrera from Puerto Rico said March 27, 2018
~ I Always receive beautiful plants. They arrive really fast and I live out of the states. They always get here in perfect condition. Keep the wonderful work. 

Nicole from RI said March 24. 2018
Purchased packages
~ I ordered a 5 gallon package and a 10 gallon package. All the plants are beautiful, clean, and healthy! I had asked for a couple of changes and got responses quickly and got wonderful plants that fill my aquariums. Received everything in a week. 

Gerard Segreti from New York said March 21, 2018
Plants purchased
~ Received my plants this afternoon and was very pleased with the amount as well as the quality of plants shipped. Also impressed with the personal handwritten thank you and my name with the :-) attached to my receipt. Nice touch! Thank you for a quality bunch of plans I’m sure to enjoy for some time! 

Bryan from Wisconsin said March 9, 2018
Wonderful Service
~ I ordered a large number of plants to be shipped to Wisconsin when the weather was below freezing and all the plants came in perfect and healthy condition. I was not expecting them to be in such wonderful condition and I could not be more pleased with my order. I will continue to order all my plants from here in the future 

Bobbie from AZ said March 8, 2018
~ I just received my plants, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! I received my order promptly and the plants are very healthy. They per packaged very well and planted easily. time will tell how they do but they should do great. I will be ordering from these folks again! 

Deborah Howard from Alabama said Feb. 8, 2018
Plants Received
~ I have ordered plants from several different places but I have never received such beautiful and healthy plants. As I opened the package, my mouth just dropped open in amazement. Thanks so much for my beautiful plants. 

Freddy from Texas said Feb. 7, 2018
~ Just redo my tank, I ordered just a handful of plants but I should have ordered more. Outstanding service and quality. You cannot go wrong with them 

Ken Clair from Georgia said Feb. 2, 2018
Plant order
~ I received my plants today. Just had to take a moment to say Thank You! What wonderful healthy looking plants. Packed perfectly. I will be back and tell everyone about you guys. Learned about you guys from Mike at MASS Aquariums. 

Jared from AZ said Feb. 1, 2018
Super Happy with my purchase
~ I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you! I received my order a week and a half ago. Upon arrival, my plants exceeded my expectations (and your descriptions) in size. They are happy, healthy, and growing well. Will definitely purchase again when I set up my next aquarium. 

Elizabeth Woods from Oregon said Dec. 9, 2017
~ I rarely write reviews, but I felt I needed to say: these plants came in excellent condition! I bought three different types, and she even included an extra plant. I could not be happier. These plants look way better than the ones I'd buy at my LFS that are considered experts. Thank you again! 

Andrew Milling from New Jersey said Dec. 6, 2017
Large Order
~ Everything came today. All packaged very well and in excellent condition. As usual, I ordered more than I needed. Take looks spectacular and it’s only day one. Thank you!

Seth L. from Michigan said Dec. 1, 2017
Fantastic Order
~ This was my first time ordering plants from Central. I must say I am VERY happy with the speed of service, the level of professionalism, and the quality! The plants came in looking fantastic, were well packaged, and had GREAT root structures! Thr company even gave me extras!!!!!! A+! 

James from California said Nov. 16, 2017
Great As Always
~  This has to be one of my favorite places to order plants from. They ship fast and are always in great condition. Thanks 

Scott from Kansas said Oct. 31, 2017
~  Just received my fourth order from and once again, the plants look amazing. No better place to get plants!!! 

Bonnie Block from Washington said Oct. 7, 2017

~ My second time ordering and I love the plants that were shipped to me. Very healthy and wonderfully packaged. Thanks! 

Shawn Waldon from Oregon said Oct. 7, 2017
~ I received my order in good condition and was pleasantly surprised on how big the plants were. I actually had to cut a lot of them down a bit to make them the size I wanted. I would defiantly recommend you to anyone. 

Robin Clemmer ftom MT said Oct 3, 2017
Plants for discus tank
~ I just finished planting my tank. I could not be happier! Gorgeous plants and very generous Selection 

Bryan Black from Missouri said Oct 2, 2017
Plant Order
~ Thanks to the great packing on my order everything arrived alive and well despite being miss routed and delayed for a few days.  

mckenzie from NY said Sept 30, 2017
great service
~  I got my plants on time and they were all healthy and in great shape. i got a great bargain and recommend shopping here to anyone who wants a great deal and helpful responses 10/10

Neal from MI said Sept 20, 2017
Great value and healthy plants!
~  My first order from PAC and I couldn't be happier! The order came quickly, was packed tightly, and looks great. I received more stems than advertised for my plants, an extra weight which was helpful because I wanted to split a certain species between two tanks, and even my dwarf lily was much more established than I would have expected based on the description. For someone like me with an excellent LFS with a really lackluster plant selection, I couldn't ask for more. 10/10 will be a future customer!

Marty from Wisconsin said August 29, 2017
~ With each order I am always impressed by quality and health of the stock. I've never received a plant which was less than a prime specimen ready to thrive in a new environment. The packaging is also excellent. I've tried other suppliers and have come to the conclusion that PAC is the best and they deserve my patronage. 

Matthew Jakubas from MI said August 24, 2017
Amazing plants
~ I usually never write reviews, but I am amazed how great these plants look. I cant even find plants that look this good at my LFS. I look forward to ordering more in the future. 

Barry from SC said August 16, 2017
Love this site
 ~ 2nd time ordering from this site - love it! Plants are in great condition when I get them and the people here are awesome. Will definitely order from again! 

Nicole from Mass said August 15, 2017
Hearty and healthy!
~ I've been nothing but THRILLED with all of my orders from PAC (this was my 3rd or 4th order)—all of the plants were hearty and healthy with significant and strong roots. Two of my anubias arrived with flower buds, and after just three days in my tanks, the flowers are beginning to open! And, there were even a some extra little plants thrown in! Everything is acclimating really well to my aquariums and water condition—there's just a little bit of melt which is mainly due to my cleaning protocol. The plants are always packed carefully and are well-insulated, and shipping was super fast (ordered on Tues, had my plants on Fri). I received orders to IL in the winter and in MA this summer (just moved). I've had absolutely NO losses in my orders due to weather or any other circumstance! I'll definitely be ordering again in the future! I highly recommend PAC! 

Joan from MS said August 14, 2017
Love the plants!
~ The Bacobas were delivered today, and as your plants always are, they are simply wonderful. I follow other of your customers on YouTube, and we all feel the same way. So lucky to have found you.
Thank you also for answering my last question about plant weights. Should have dawned on me to check there.
Blessings, Joni

Kara from North Carolina said August 5, 2017
All of the plants!
~ I love PAC's plants! I have wasted so much time effort and money on inferior plants because I didn't know any better. PAC sells the most beautiful and vigorous plants I have enjoyed in over 30 years of aquarium keeping. I don't know how you do it! I have never seen anything better. I work at a national chain fish/pet store and when the customers come to me (rightfully) underwhelmed with our selection and quality of plants I give them your address and a lot of bragging on your quality and service! I hope they take my advice, they surely will be as happy as I am! 

Karly from Arizona said July 14, 2017
Very happy!
~ First of all, very nice plants and very prompt customer service. Next time I'm in the market for plants, I'll be coming back here! Unfortunately, UPS squished my first box (their fault, not Planned Aquarium Central's) and I ended up with a significant portion of my order DOA. Because the plants that did survive were amazing and I realized I needed more than I had originally ordered, I opted for a credit for the DOAs (although I was also offered replacements) and soon ordered more plants. The new plants arrived healthy and beautiful. A day later, I'm still deciding where everything will ultimately go between my tanks but I am decidedly one very happy customer! 

Allison from Minnesota said July 12, 2017
Best plants I have seen in a long time.
~ The plants that I ordered arrived in great shape. I was a little worried at first since plantedaquariumscentral is based in Arizona and I live in Minnesota and well, it is July, but the plants look amazing. They were all healthy and for the most part, had strong root systems. I also really loved the extra plants thrown in. I am planning on setting up other planted tanks in the future and will definitely be a repeat customer :) 

Jana from Las Vegas, NV said July 12, 2017
~ My order arrived in perfect condition in Las Vegas despite the heat. Thanks for shipping so fast. The plants are large and good quality. I recommend you to other fish peeps. Thanks :)

Scott from Kansas said June 30, 2017
~ Got my 4th order this week and you never disappoint. Great packing, great plants and always a little something extra. I will keep coming back!! 

Kyle from Ohio said June 19, 2017
10/10 Service
~ 100% would recommend for buying plants, everything was packaged great and looks great. Came in 2 days with cheapest shipping option. 

Eric Baron from NC said June 1, 2017
Such full and healthy plants
~ Received my second order today. Both orders have been very well packed, and just amazingly healthy plants. Huge, full anubias with amazing roots, easily split into smaller plants . . . lush ferns, strong, healthy stem plants . . . couldn't be happier. I almost wish I had more tanks to justify buying more plants! 

Doris from Vermont said May 12, 2017
 ~ Everything is so lush and green! Loved all of the extras you included...Thanks!

Eric Baron from NC said April 29, 2017
Amazing quality, amazing prices, couldn't be more pleased
~ It's been 10 days since I received my order for the Beginner's 10 gallon pack. I've dabbled in plantings before, but this is the first time I've invested the time in serious plant density goals. When my plants arrived, they were well-packed, richly colored, and robust. The amount of each type of plant was very generous. The anubias, java fern, and some of the small swords were able to be split and planted separately. I planted them in my new 15 gallon tank that I had set up the previous day. Since I'm doing a fishless cycle, I figured I'd start seeing some growth about the time I was ready to add fish in a few weeks. Much to my surprise, I already have considerable growth on nearly all of my plants. They're growing like mad, metabolizing so much ammonia that I'm having to stay on top of dosing every day to keep my concentrations @ target. Could not be happier. I'm glad I decided to go with Planted Aquariums Central over the other options I researched. These plants are beyond my expectations (which were for healthy but small specimens that would *eventually* fill out). I'm already considering setting up a second tank because I know I'm going to have tons of extra cuttings before too long. Thank you for your excellent product at fair prices. Amazing value for my hobby dollar! 

Skye from Nevada said April 29, 2017
Anubias and dwarf Lilly
~ I ordered a small variety of Anubias and a couple dwarf Lillies. Shortly afterwards realized that I due to an upcoming trip I probably should have waited until my return. I reached out to these guys for info and letting them know my misjudgment of time. They were phenomenal, very fast to respond and shipped that same day! When I received me plants (a day early even) I had THE BEST looking anubias I've ever received. The nana was much fuller than I've ever gotten anywhere and packed with leaves exactly what I'd hoped to turn it into for where it was going. The Petite are smaller than I've ever seen (and I already had several from other places) and actually ended up in a new build rather than their original intended home. They are absolutely beautiful and also packed full. Amazing teeny little bushes of gorgeous. I'd ordered four and actually received three very very great little bundles an then three much smaller but already rooted rhizomes which for me was like bonus plants! The other anubias was typical of previous orders from other places or my lfs and in exceptional health. The lilies are already sprouting and two of the three bulbs stay down, one will be tied down today as the snails keep digging under and sending it floating again. The leaves in the lilies or very healthy though a wee bit leggy but that's no matter as I've not had this particular version before it may be typical for the type. They have 3-5 leaves on each bulb and one bulb could have been split effectively meaning its two plants! 

Larry Grenier from Virginia said April 19, 2017
My 1st order
~ Hey guys you made a mistake on my order! I got more than I ordered :-) Thanks and great plants. Looks like I'll be a repeat customer

Dawnn from Yonkers, NY said April 17, 2017
~ I received my anubias today and I've never seen anything so luscious and healthy as these anubias from Planted Aquariums Central! Buying from them was the best decision ever. Will definitely order again! 

Debra from IL said April 15, 2017
Beginner Plant Package
~ Ordered a 10 gal. Beginner Plant Package on Wednesday; it arrived on Friday (USPS) in pristine condition. Loads of plants, all very healthy. I am very pleased with the service, and especially with the quality of the plants. They're going to look great in my aquarium

Melony Ramsey from Indiana said April 6, 2017
Discus Ilve Plant Package
~ This was the BEST group of plants I have ever purchased anywhere or anythime. My faquarium helper said I would be pleased and that EVERYONE said Planted Aquariums CentraL WAS THE BEST. YOU DIDN'T LET ME DOWN AND I RATE YOU A 20 OUT OF 10.

William Annelli from New jersey said April 2, 2017
Last two plant orders
~ 4-2-17 I can't recommend this site enough. The plants are always very healthy and they arrive quickly. There is always a couple extra. the shipping costs are very reasonable I love this site. Thanks Bill A 

Sam from Nebraska said April 1, 2017
~ I was worried about ordering plants online since the last place I ordered from gave my tank a ton of unwanted snails. PAC, however, sent me an outstanding bunch of plants parasite free and looking extremely healthy. I was worried about them being mailed all the way from Arizona to Nebraska, but they got here with USPS in 2 days! Extremely happy with the quality of plants, this is now my go to for aquarium plants! 

Melissa Oldenburg from Wisconsin said March 30, 2017
Very happy with my purchase
~ Thank you so much for your quick service and the great plants you sent. They arrived in perfect shape and look fantastic in my tanks. There was more than I was expecting, and even with shipping it was still less expensive than my local chain store's very limited plant selection. Thank you! 

Mary R from PA said March 25, 2017
My First Order!
~ I was highly impressed with my first order! I got the Priority Shipping and still got my plants fast and plenty healthy! I will now know where I can get great plants when I plant my next tank. FYI: This is my first planted tank. 

DEBRA SMITH from ALABAMA said March 25, 2017

Kassandra from CA said March 10, 2017
Best online plants
~ Thank you so much for these super high quality plants. Normally I get mediocre plants that I have to (hopefully) nurse to a thriving life. But your plants came already thriving. You clearly have a green thumb. Thank you so much

Mark Biggs from Florida said March 8, 2017
~ I just received my second order of plants. Once again I feel I got more than I paid for! The plants are large and healthy. Had some extra plants. Thanks again for the wonderful plants!

William Annelli from New Jersey said March 8, 2017
~ I have purchased many plants from this site. If a site can be perfect this one is. Shipping 100%, the plants are all very healthy and you always receive more than you ordered. Planted Aquariums Central is very well run and customers come first. I love buying all my plants here

Mara Bacsujlaky from Alaska said March 2, 2017
Best plants ever!
~ Just received my first order of plants for my three aquaria. These are the best plants ever. They are even healthier than the ones I have established in my tanks - and the fact that I could finally locate some different varieties from the standard 6 or 8 or so offered by aquarium stores was a bonus. I was a little bit apprehensive about how they would survive the trip to Alaska - but they arrived right on time - shipped on Monday - I picked them up at noon on Thursday. From now on this will be the only source for my plants... 

Sharon W from FL said March 2, 2017
Plants are lovely!
~ Just received my third order from Planted Aquarium Central and once again, I'm amazed at the quality of the plants. They're so beautiful - just like my other orders. Also got to use my credits this order and snagged myself 2 free plants! Highly recommend this company. 

Jeanie from NC said Feb 17, 2017
~ Best plants I have ever gotten! Packaged very well, fast shipping, beautiful, big plants! Lifetime customer! 

Terry Shelton from AL said Jan 29, 2017
~ Received my first order, the plants were in great shape. Great growth and color. Thanks will be ordering again. 

Meghan C. from Wisconsin said Jan. 15, 2017
Aquatic Plants
~ I received my first order of plants yesterday. Wow!! The plants are huge, healthy and gorgeous. I am very pleased with the quality and quantity of plants that I received. I will definitely order more plants! Thank you!! 

Bob from Kentucky said Jan. 1, 2017
Plants received
~ Ordered plants and arrived in two days from shipment. All the plants were large, well rooted and in great shape. Could not have been more pleased with the quality. Although I have had kept and bred fish for years, this wasfor my first low tech planted tank. Hopefully I will have a "wet" green thumb. Thanks very much for the good stuff

Donita from IN said Dec. 27, 2016
MY 1st planted aquarium
~ After a lot of research I decided to purchase here. I ordered the low light 10 gallon pk on Mon 12/19/16, shipped Tues & my pkg arrived Fri 12/23. Packaged very well. Everything looked fresh & in great shape. VERY nice size and assortment. I examined the plants carefully, saw no signs of snails or parasites. Being new to aquatic plants, I had to go back to the web-site to identify them to properly plant. GREAT Job! THANK YOU! I would order again. Can't wait to watch it all take root & thrive. Very positive experience

Deb from Illinois said Dec 15, 2016
I love PAC!
~ I always get beautiful healthy plants with usually an extra or two thrown in. I won't order plants anywhere else! 

Brad B from Georgia said Dec. 11, 2016
Your plants put a smile on my face
~ Thank you for having so much love and care for your plants. Everyone I get from you is always wonderful! 

Scott from Ks said November 21, 2016
my order
~ None of my LFS's have great plants and I have ordered from other site before. The plants and prices were ok, but I was always looking for a little better. I have now found it. My order from you came today and I first noticed how well they were packed. Then when I saw the plants, I almost couldn't believe it. They look as well if not better than the plants I have had in my tanks for several years. I will definitely be ordering more to treat my MTS. Thank you so much 

Kevin Beard from Pa. said November 16, 2016
Awesome Plants
~ I received my package today. It only took 2 days to get to me. All I can say is Wow the plants look great. I will be ordering again very soon. Thanks again from Kevin in Pa. 

Frank from Arizona said November 3, 2016
Quality of plants and service
~ My plants just arrived and they look fantastic. Many of them have already developed roots and will be easy to plant. Excellent service from a company that ships at light speed. I would highly recommend to anyone. 

Leon Gerber from WI said August 1, 2016
First Order
~ WOW - I could not be more happy with the plants that I received. Received them Aug 1 (was expecting some heat damage) but came through as healthy as can be. Packing.... I could not have packed these with more care myself. I am impressed! 

Melanie from GA said July 28, 2016
Plants are awesome
~  I just wanted to say. I bought plants from this guy/place a month or so ago. Took my sweet time getting them out of bags, into a tank. They are STILL awesome3!!! 

Zach Gibson from Pennsylvania said July 26, 2016
High Quality Plants
~ I have placed two orders so far. The plants always arrive extremely well packaged and in very good health. I am going to be making a third order very soon. Can't beat these aquarium plants! 

kevin from california said June 24, 2016
~ I just got my plants before I had to leave to work the were fine and perfect addition to my tank :D i cant want to order more from this site keep up the good work . 

Cheyenne from TX said June 23, 2016
Live Plants
~ Plants were healthy and in great shape. THANKS! 

Nathan from Arkansas said June 20, 2016
Awesome purchase!!
~ Very satisfied with this buy! I ordered about 9 plants for my first planted tank. I did go cheap and use the non guaranteed shipping, hoping they would arrive in time. The weekend came and interrupted the shipping, causing my plants to arrive two days late. Two more days in the summer heat. I didn't have great expectations when I opened that box. Though some plants were a little brown, and I think one may be a goner, about 70% of the plants are green and healthy. Just got them all planted and looking good in the 10 gal and am very excited to see how this all turns out! The reason I ordered from this site was because they had a great selection at great prices. I had also heard that they hook people up with extra plants. They lived up to their reputation! I got 3 more plants than I had ordered that all look great. Very excited! Highly recommend! 

James from Ca said June 17, 2016
First order
~ My first order arriver quickly, 3 working days so that was fantastic. The plants all look good and seem to healthy, going to see how they do. Even with adding the cost of shipping I could not get plants any cheaper. 

Caryn Nieland from Iowa said June 16, 2016
First Order
~ Exceptional service. Plants arrived a day earlier than expected, and all appeared to be in great condition. 

George from California said May 27, 2016
Plants/Star Repens
~ Plants arrived lush, green and full of new roots. Very happy with my order. Well packed, great price. Highly recommended. 

Matt Bronshvag from TX said May 24, 2016
Thank you!
~ Reasonable prices, excellent packaging, generous portions and healthy plants. What more could I ask for? This will definitely be my go to for plants now. 

Beatriz Izquierdo from New York said May 16, 2016
Aquatic Plants
~ Beautiful Plants! I am currently awaiting my second order of plants after receiving my 1st order. I just had to return as a customer! I am so pleased with the quality of the plants, Beautiful, Healthy & Robust! The packaging of these plants were to me a PLUS+!!! Will be returning again & again & AGAIN!!! <3 

Kate from CA said May 7, 2016
First time buyer and WOW! :D
~ I can clearly see why this site has got such a good reputation!!! ALL the plants I ordered arrived neatly packaged and very healthy. I also received an additional plant! I look forward to growing these plants (although they are already very big!) and I will be recommending this site to other aquarium buddies of mine! :) Thank you so much for everything!!! If i ever need more, this will be my first choice . 

William Annelli from New Jersey said May 5, 2016
recent order
~ 5-5-16, I just received my latest order and once again everything was perfect. The order was on time the plants were very healthy with a great root system. I also received one extra which has happened before. What a great company. Thanks 

Andy Martin from Colorado said May 1, 2016
Awesome, healthy plants
~ Everything that came was amazingly lush and vibrant, and very well-packed. I bought about $30 or so worth of plants, and within two weeks my tank is so overgrown that I had to throw a bunch of the new growth away. Can't recommend this shop enough!  Andy Martin

Gail from Colorado said April 22, 2016
New customer
~ I received my first order today. Wow! I was very impressed with how healthy the plants arrived. Everything was well packaged, with even an extra surprise of an additional plant. Thank you for providing such a great product and service. I will be ordering again soon. 

Alex from Massachusetts said April 12, 2016
Plants are large and healthy!
~ Received very robust, healthy plants in two days selecting Priority Mail shipping. Very pleased with the quality of the plants and shipping! 

Mike from North Carolina said April 9, 2016
Great Plants
~ Thank you for providing such great plants. I have a new tank and they look great, are doing great and are growing. I am sold on your products. 

Reed from Wisconsin said April 8, 2016
~ Tried to find something wrong but the plants arrived in great shape and looking good-best plant order I have ever had, if I need more will order from you again thanks

 Jeff Barbata from FL said April 7, 2016
~ This was my first order. I was impressed with the quality of the plants (received one extra) as well as with the very professional packing. Thanks! 

Ally from AZ said April 6, 2016
Fantastic plants!
~ I got my plants in the mail today, and I was thrilled upon opening my box! Not only was everything in such great condition, but there was more than I expected as well! Each bundle had several stocks, so I was able to separate them and have many plants in my tank. In addition, there were also a couple extras included! I definitely will be ordering from here again, and I've already begun to spread the word. 

William Annelli from New Jersey said April 5, 2016
new order
~ I got my plants on time and very well pkg. I ordered two received three. The plants were healthy and beautiful. Every time I order I am never disappointed. I have no need to order plants from anywhere else. Thank You. 

Charlie from New Jersey said March 26, 2016
latest order
~ You always provide high-quality plants at a decent price. They arrive quickly and are healthy, ready to plant. Please keep up the outstanding work. 

Debbie N. from Mo. said March 25, 2016
~ Just wanted to let you know, the plants got here in fine condition. They were all great, but the anubias were awesome! Looking forward to doing business again. TY PAC 

Li nda T. from Colorado said March 17, 2016
~ Plants are gorgeous...but, they are have snails and eggs and NONE of the solutions recommended my tank is loaded with snails. Not pleased! 

Planted Aquariums Central responds to Linda T.

Customer asked about snails before her order and was then given a link on how to pretreat the plants before putting them in her tank. No seller of live plants will guarantee snail free plants. Snails and live aquatic plants go together like peanut butter and jelly. Pretreating the plants is the only way to make sure they are not transferred into your tank.

Jeff from Illinois said March 3, 2016
~ I ordered my plants on a Weds. Next Tuesday they arrived. That was the normal shipping. My plants arrived in excellent condition. I purchased them in march so when they arrived the package was cold. According to the instructions I placed the plastic bag in the tank for an hour.Which is longer than recommended. But doesn't make any difference. I bought plants that I haven't seen at my local Mom and Pop pet/tropical fish store. I do recommend this company . 

Donica T from Washington said Feb 27, 2016
My Favorite!
~ I just wanted to say thank you for your plants and your excellent service. I always get my order's very quickly, and the plants are in perfect condition; beautiful and healthy. And I love that you always throw in a few extra's! Seriously my favorite place to order aquarium plants. Prices are the best around and your selection is great as well. Keep up the great work (doing what you love!) :) 

Michael Jones from NV said Feb 26, 2016
~ I wanted to say thanks for the plants, They are in great shape and nice green colors! The low light package is a great mix of plants. 

Mark Odell from Delaware said Feb 20, 2016
Recent order
~ My order arrfived on time today and I was shocked at how great everything looked not to mention the more than generous portions of plants. Many thanks. I can't wait to make my next order. Mark 

William Webster from Florida said Feb 2, 2016
Real nice site
~ Nice plant selection 

Bounthavy J Siphanh from California said Feb 2, 2016
Best Plants Received!
~ Received my plants earlier this afternoon while I was at work. Couldn't wait to get home and open my early Christmas gift to myself. Low and behold when I got home to open my package I was met with amazing packaging: insulated and well wrapped. After removing the outside packaging, I saw my plants were wrapped in wet newspaper and bagged and heat sealed. Awesome packaging. The plants looked amazing straight from the package. Shipping was very fast as well. Planted Aquarium Central is a business worth doing your business with. Would definitely buy from here again month and month again! Thanks for the plants again! The add-ons were the icing on the cake! 

Dan J. from Illinois said Feb 1, 2016
~ First of all I would like to say I never write reviews. But, I have to give Planted Aquariums Central the credit they deserve. Everything exceeded my expectations, the plants, the packaging, and the timely delivery. It was a pleasure doing business with you, keep up the great work! 

Brendan from oklahoma said Jan 25, 2016
Best Value Plants

~ 100% Recommended! These plants are shipped pretty quickly. I've had them over a year and 90% of them are still going strong. Could not recommend more! 

Emilio from CA said Dec 3, 2015
Beautiful plants
~ I don't usually take them time do this type of thing, however I feel you deserve it. I purchased some plants from you and another provider around the same time. Both shipments came in the same day and you not only had the nicer plants, you also throw in an extra! thank you! 

Dinuk from CA said Dec 3, 2015
3/5 Rating
~ I ordered Monday, received the plants Friday. I had 3 orders. Hygrophila corymbosa, Bolbitis heudelotii and Hygrophila pinnatifida. I am disappointed in the Bolbitis in the most because, there was only two plants and they were all squished up, and one plant was turning yellow already, the leafs were wrinkled up. Other plant is in ok condition despite being squished. Hygrophila was long and thin stocks, they appear to be grown in poor light and nutrients. But at least they will live and I will be able to make them work after they establish. Pinnatifida was in good condition and good amount of stocks and appears to be healthy. I am just really disappointed in the African water fern condition, I was really excited for this plant. I never ordered on here before, and I was hoping for plants in good condition but I didn’t meet my desires. Maybe this was just an individual case, and maybe this one case doesn’t reflect the organizations business as a whole. I am not mad at the organization, but it just didn’t meet my expectations. 

Shari from NJ said Nov 28, 2015
~ Plants arrived in great shape and more than I expected! If I ever need more (for that inevitable second tank, perhaps?) this is where I'll get my plants. Great service, great plants! 

David Soh from Iowa said Oct 29, 2015
~ Received the plants in great shape and in 2 days. Very happy with my order and I will be a repeat customer. Like the way you use fiberglass to insulate. Thanks.

Jason T. from  Ft. Bragg NC said Oct 21, 2015

My Order

~ I usually never leave feedback but this time I have to. I usually buy my aquatic plants locally so when I opened the box I was so surprised to see how big and healthy the plants were. They were at least 5 times the size of the plants I find locally. I ordered on Wednesday and they were received on Saturday. Very fast shipping and the plants were packed very well. You can tell planted aquariums central cares about there their products. Thank you. Highly recommended to everyone.

Trixy from New Mexico said Oct 17, 2015

Great Service and even better plants

~ I have ordered from you many times now and every order I receive is always perfect. The plants are mature and as healthy as can be. Thank you for sending extra. You don't have to do that but I really appreciate it. Customer service is #1. Always answers any questions I have.  Thank you

brad evans from Indiana said September 22, 2015
dead plants
~ Bad experience all around. I never received an email confirming the plants had shipped. The tracking number for the shipment would have been in the email. When i i inquired about the date the package would ship I was told it had shipped 11 days previous. They even admitted that the server sending emails was making mistakes. When I located the plants they were all dead with the exception of the java fern. If i had received the email i would have known the plants were sitting in the office. I personally feel this is an error plantedaquariumscentral. Still no replacement plants and they stopped responding to my emails. I will never use them again.

Planted Aquariums Central responds on Sept 23rd , 2015 to Brad Evans

~ I had mistakenly emailed Brad Evans that was meant for another customer with the last name Evans. When I did this he then emailed me asking when I was going to ship his package. I was very perplexed and looked up his order.  The tracking # said it was delivered 11 days before. I then emailed him back and told him it was delivered over 11 days ago. He then complained he never got an email stating it was shipped although I never got an email back saying the email was undeliverable. As soon as I print the label for an order an email is instantly sent to the customer with the date and tracking # of their order. If the email is undeliverable I get a return email stating the email is undeliverable.

If it is true and he did not get the email I would expect him to email me before 11 days asking why it was taking so long but I never received an email from him asking about his order. It was only after I had mistakenly emailed him that he told me he never got the order. I told him about my plant guarantee ( and after him getting very rude I stopped responding to him.

Kelly Davison from CA said September 3, 2015
1st timer
~ My first time ordering from you and they came nicely packed, I received more than ordered and in very nice condition! I will be a return customer for sure Thanks!

Doug from Washington said August 18, 2015

~ I've ordered a number of times from Planted Aquariums Central and have always been more than pleased. I'm pushing 60 YO and have never written a testimonial before. PAC is that good!

Jennifer from CA said August 10, 2015
Very happy
~ First time customer, ordered on a Friday, received on Monday. Plants were packed really well, nice & healthy with extras - will definitely order from again!

Richard Chillington from GA said July 31, 2015
Recent Order
~ I have now received three orders from you. All three have been great and up to expectations. The one I received today was outstanding! Great health and size, wonderful. Thank you.

alexis from MI said July 27, 2015
great service
~ I have bought plants from her before so when ordering again I am way excited! Have to wait a little longer for the right plants but I am sure they will be perfect! Thank you so much for your level of care and service!

Sohail from PA said July 25, 2015
My First Order
~ I placed my first order with them. Received my shipment on time and plants were in excellent condition. very happy with my order.

Casey from TN said July 17, 2015
Narrow lead temple Hygro
~ Received yesterday in awesome shape great packaging and great value. Will be ordering again soon!

LG from CO said July 12, 2015
Great plants
~ Great detail to packaging. Very healthy, pretty plants. My aquarium looks great. Glad I found this site. Very pleased!

Terry from Florida said July 11, 2015

My order
~My order was well packaged and was delivered exactly as stated. Plants are great, healthy and just as described. Will be doing business with Planted Aquariums Central again. Thanks!

Raymond Gomez from Illinois said July 10, 2015
~Once again I am completely satisfied with my plant order. So many little extras too. Much appreciation from this repeat customer.

Mineka Thompson from MI said May 6th, 2015
new customer/order
~I just received the most beautiful plants today!! Thank you so much for such great quality and timeliness in your service! I will definitely order again and recommend you highly!

John from Brookfield WI said April 27th, 2015


~I received my first order from you today and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your company. My plant was VERY well packaged, arrived quickly, and was a wonderful specimen. My lace plant was large and healthy.
I have been keeping planted aquariums for over 30 years and have bought plants from many. many sources and you by far the best I have ever used. I have another order on the way to me and can only hope it is equally as good.
I will buy All of my plants from you in the future. Well done!

Connor Johnson from Minnesota said April 23rd, 2015
Plants received!
~Beyond my expectations! The plants arrived quickly and were perfectly packed! Will be ordering more in the future.

Nan from New Mexico said April 4, 2015
Great plants
~My order arrived in just a couple of days, and all plants were healthy, good size, and ready to put in aquarium. I'm ordering more today.

Brent from Arizona said April 2, 2015
 ~Ordered on a Tuesday evening received Thursday morning ( I live in the Phoenix area though). Super fast shipping. Excellent packaging. This is my 2nd time ordering from you and all the plants have been excellent and started growing as soon as I got them in the tank. Good prices and cheap shipping rates.

Dani F from New York said April 2, 2015
Beautiful plants sooo many extras
~I just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service and gorgeous plants. I ordered twice from here and both times I got extras. Every plant had been perfect and thriving in my tanks. I love how they are mailed out usually the next day, I have waited almost a month for other places to ship my plants. I would never buy from anyone else again. I'm really looking forward to ordering again for my next tank. Thank you so much PAC!!!

Josh H. from Maine said March 25th, 2015
plants delivered
~Plants were well packaged, looking great, and exactly as described. Will definitely be ordering again!

Ernie Reyes from California said March 23rd, 2015
Beautiful and Healthy Plants
~ I was meaning to write this Testimonial the day I received my orders, but 2 pairs of my Discus laid eggs and now I got 6 pairs spawning. much to say I am very busy, Anyhow I had more than my share of online plants buy, but yours were the Best I ever received. They are big, healthy and colorful. I am your customer forever. I am going no place to get my Plants. and I already recommended you to my friends and fellow hobbyist.

Caitlin from Wisconsin said March 11th, 2015
Review from a new customer who is definitely going to return!
~I just received my plants I ordered on March 4th, 2015. They look AMAZING; I am thoroughly pleased to say they arrived in a very timely fashion, and I can't wait to plant them in my tanks!

T. Evans from Texas said March 07, 2015
Happy customer
~I have made multiple orders from you in the last few weeks. All of the plants have arrived looking wonderful and are thriving in my various tanks. You will be my only source for aquarium plants in the future. Your plants are truly superb to what may be found in local pet shops. Thank you.

j. muzrall from AZ said February 25th, 2014
new customer
~I had to write to let you know how pleased I am with your business. You took such care in wrapping my plants for protection, and the plants themselves were in excellent condition, very healthy and a good size. I will order from you again and others I know will be told about you.

Lisa Knight from AZ said February 5th, 2015
~I received my first order of live plants yesterday and was so impressed with the quality and beauty not to mention that they arrived so soon after I placed the order. I can't wait to watch them grow, thank you!!

Ron G from Oregon said February 4th, 2015
Excellent Quality
~Received my plants in great condition. I was impressed with the packaging; really well planned as a way to ensure plant health. Also received some extras as owner explained orders would be shipping out later. Can't wait to do business again!

Raymond Gomez from Illinois said January 29th, 2015
~I just wanted to say my plants arrived today and I am pleased beyond my expectations. From packaging to quality of plants, I will highly recommend and be a repeat customer.

Luis Guzman from Florida said January 25th, 2015
great lush plants
~I have ordered a few times and I have always had healthy ,bright looking plants. Always extras,thanks. Packaging is always excellent. Thank You!

Debra Pilarski from MN said January 22, 2015
Compliments from a happy customer
~I have been meaning to contact you and say I am amazed with the lush, healthy plants that I have ordered. Also the generous amount of each plant also had surpassed my expectations. The careful way in which you pack the plants is also impressive. I have started 2 planted aquariums since May and I have never had a problem with your plants. "Your company is the Bomb"

Patricia Lopez from New York said January 22nd, 2015
Extremely Satisfied!
~This is the third time ordering from PAC (Planted Aquariums Central). Once again I was really satisfied. All plants came nicely packed and healthy. I highly recommend buying from PAC! 

Steven Smith from Ohio said January 9th, 2015


~Just wanted to say for the aquarium plants. I was very worried about the delivery because we are experiencing the coldest weather of the season so far at zero degrees Fahrenheit. You packed the plants with lots of insulation and plenty of moist newspaper which kept the plants healthy during shipment. I was also very pleased with the plants themselves. You obviously know what you are doing when it comes to raising aquarium plants. Once again thank you and I am so pleased I purchased them from you instead of anyone else. I highly recommend to anyone who reads this message that you won't be disappointed purchasing your plants from Planted Aquariums Central.

Nick from North Carolina said December 31st, 2014

 Big order for a 75 

~Everything looks healthy, and lots of extras. Thanks a lot. I think I found my new favorite seller.

Jerome from California said December 29th, 2014

Dwarf baby tears 

~Healthiest and best set of dwarf baby tears I've ever bought. Most online retailers sell you dead/dying mats but these were just superb.

Raymond Knippel from Florida said December 25th, 2014 

Great plants

~Plants have been in my aquarium for ten days , already have new growth.All the plants arrived in great shape fast shipping excellent company to do business with !!

william annelli from  new jersey said November 18th, 2014 

plant order 

~you have a great site. I ordered dwarf onion plants. they arrived quickly and were very healthy. I will order from you again. thanks

Randy from FL said November 17th, 2014

 Shipment Message

~My order showed up in a timely manner. I was very impressed with the quality of the plants and also the size. This is the best company I've bought plants from. I'm looking to buy ludwigia brevipes if anyone knows where to find it.

Victorine Hartin from NH said November 17th, 2014

 Thank You!!!!

 ~Just wanted to say I appreciate the care you take in packing and shipping. Plants arrived in beautiful condition and in generous amounts! Thank you for the huge piece of cholla wood. My snails, oto's and pleco's will be so happy. :) You guys are top notch!

ptan from Ca said November 15th, 2014

 Great plants

~I just wanted to thank you for all the extra plants you always enclose in my orders. Great stuff.

Bedri From CO said November 6th, 2014

 Very Nice Plants

~I received them in time with priority mail. They were packaged very well insulated and all. Plants are very good looking. If they die it is my fault. I will buy plants from you again.

Quinn from IN said October 28th, 2014

 Quality Plants and Service 

~Great, healthy plants and wonderful customer service. Would recommend to anyone.

Larry Ray from NC said October 28th, 2014

 Plant delivery

~My plants arrived to day! The quality and quantity were wonderful. The plants were packaged great and were all very bright in color. Not like some plants I have received from other vendors who's plants looked like cooked spinach. I can see why you came highly recommended. Thanks a bunch I will be a repeat buyer.

John from MD said October 21st, 2014

 Another success

~I've ordered a dozen times from Planted Aquariums Central and have never had a bad experience. Kudos!

Michelle from FL said October 21st, 2014

 There's nowhere better!

~PAC is fantastic. This was my first experience buying aquarium plants online and I don't see any reason to go anywhere else. Beautiful, healthy plants, great selection, and top notch customer service! YOU'RE AWESOME!

Marcela Pinedo from California  said October 9, 2014 

Great Plants

~The plants were great! Thank you so much for the extra. I will definitely buy again.

Cara from CA said October 8th, 2014

Great plants and great service

~My plants all came to me in great condition! Thank you! And thank you also for the extra plants, they are always a lovely surprise! PAC has great customer service/communication and is pretty much the only place I buy my plants.

Tom from PA said October 3, 2014  

Great buy! 

~I am very impressed with the quality of the plants I received . They all arrived in perfect condition. The packaging couldn't have been done more professionally. They also threw in two more plants than I ordered! I would definitely buy from this company again.

Dave from CA said September 9, 2014

Exceptional company 

~I couldn't be more impressed by the excellent quality of the plants and care given during shipping. Two thumbs up!!

Emily from Athens, Georgia said September 8th, 2014

Wonderful service 

~Just received my plants (Saturday shipment, arrived Monday!); This is my first time buying plants online so I have nothing to compare this too; the packaging was odd; wrapped in plastic, newspaper, and fiberglass. I'm assuming this odd combination is what kept my plants alive and looking BEAUTIFUL! You will not be disappointed; I received plentiful of each plant I ordered for the wonderful price. If I start up another tank, I WILL be ordering from PAC and will be telling my fish friends to order from here :) Thanks guys!

Sheila Worth from Florida said August 25th, 2014

 My Order 

~I am thrilled with my plants. They are very nice and have much more growth than I expected. Thank You!!!

Hugo from NY said August 20th, 2014

 Recent Order

~Great website! The order came in faster than expect! The plants were in great condition. I even got a little extra. I highly recommend this site and will shop here for my carpet plant. Thank you

Aaron from Arizona said August 19th, 2014 

HC & Purple Cabomba

~I just got the order about an hour ago. They are awesome looking plants, in great health. You even gave me extras. Thank you so much! I am thankful I listened to the recommendation about the great service you provide. Thank you!

Katherine from KY said August 19th, 2014

 Great plants!

~Plants arrived in perfect condition. Just added to tanks, they're gorgeous! I'll likely exclusively purchase plants here in the future… thanks!

Jose Vazquez from Puerto Rico said August 8th, 2014

 Plants order

~Arrived as expected. Very good packaging. Plants are in good shape. Will buy again. Some extras.

Christy Hammer from Tennessee said August 06, 2014

Aquarium Plants 

~I ordered plants from Planted Aquarium Central and they are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Customer Service was fantastic and shipping was very speedy. Thank you Planted Aquarium Central!!!!

Iris From MA said July 25th, 2014 

Plant order

~Plants arrived today and are in excellent condition. Thanks also for the extra echinoderms vesuvius and micro sword. Can't wait to add them to my aquascape.

Nancy from Texas said July 3rd, 2014


~Received mine today and they all look great, and some extras as well - a true bonanza!

Rich from California said June 30th, 2014

Amazing plants!!! 

~Extremely generous portions for the price. Plants were in abundance and healthy. This is the second time I've ordered from these guys/gals and will order again (only need to find more space) Thanks and great job! Rich

Chris from Colorado said June 26th, 2014


~ If you're skeptical about buying plants online, don't be. Everything I have purchased from here are absolutely incredible!! My 55g looks awesome!!!!

Jeff from Georgia said June 26th, 2014


~ Beautiful plants, generous portions and fast shipping!

Wes Siepiela From IL said June 09, 2014

 Great Plants and Great Service 

~ Ordered some plants for a brand new 40g planted tank. Shipping was quick, everything was packed nicely, and the plants themselves look healthy and vibrant. Definitely better than other places I have ordered from. The plant amount was very generous as well. Seemed like I got two when I only ordered one of certain plants. Thanks so much for the great order! As soon as the tank fills in, I will post a picture. The fish love their new tank already!

Heath B. Carnicom From Northern Arizona said June 06, 2014 


~ Okay...I have been happy with plant purchases before, but this was something else. The plants were in absolutely mint condition and much larger than I had previously thought they would be. Packaging was superior and the experience was much like buying from another person, not an online store. It was fantastic!

Karol From NY said May 31st, 2014 


~Great healthy plants, excellent packaging. thanks for the freebie

Patricia Lopez From New York said May 31, 2014

 Extremely Satisfied!

~This is the second time ordering from PAC (Planted Aquariums Central). Once again I was really satisfied. I ordered the 20 gallon tank low light plant package. All plants came nicely packed and healthy. I highly recommend buying from PAC!

Steven From New York said May 25th, 2014  

great place

~always very high quality. always packaged beautifully. great prices. great variety that is ever expanding. what more do you want?

Cara From CA  said: May 16th, 2014

Very happy 

~ Plants always come to me quickly and packaged nicely. It's always a lovely surprise to see some extra plants in my package. Thank you so much!

Bethany From Oklahoma said: May 5th, 2014

  Favorite Online Plant Place 

~I absolutely love ordering plants from here! They're always in amazing shape and arrive quickly. The amounts are very generous and there are no snails or algae. I would recommend this site over any others I've ever ordered plants from!

Jake From CA said: May 5th, 2014

 Very happy with purchase 

~Sent extra plants and all look very healthy and happy! Will do business again!

Wesley Knox From Minnesota Said: April 20, 2014


~ Don't hesitate to by plants from here. It is absolutely worth paying shipping than to settle for diseased and snail infested plants from petco and petsmart :)

Sean Swider From MA Said: April 16th, 2014


~ This is the only place to get great plants that grow amazing that's why I only get plant from planted aquarium central. ONE STOP SHOP.

P.Tan From CA said: April 1st, 2014

 Great Plants and Service 

~ I want to thank you guys for such great plants. There is always a bonus plant or two in my orders. For example I ordered 4 anubias petite and I get an extra Great service and customer support.

Neal F Harris From MA said: March 28th, 2014

 New Plants... 

~Arrive a day earlier than expected. GREAT plants! Great quality. Bigger than I was expecting. Keep up the good work! Thank_YOU!!

Johann From Massachusetts Said: March 18th

 ~ I ordered my plants on Friday 2-28-14, they arrived the following Monday to my surprise. They are beautiful, not a bad leaf or stem in the bunch. This is my third order from here.....and as always they are beautiful and look awesome.

Anthony From Florida said: March 17th, 2014

  great healthy plants 

 ~ I found this site by accident while searching for plants online but im glad i found it. i have placed two orders and were happy with both. the plants were healthy, well packaged, and even received a few extra stems with a couple of plants.

Justin murphree/Ashley dahl From Mississippi said: March 9th, 2014

We absolutely love the quality of your plants! 

~ My boyfriend and I discovered this site through unboxing videos on youtube and I just HAD to have a planted tank and I was over whelmed with all the selections of plants I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted!! :) the quality of the shipping is awesome and the come in awesome condition, I couldn't be more pleased with the service you guys offer thank you so much for doing what you do. You mad my new fish very happy with all the new hiding places. I will be ordering again and again! Ashley & Justin

Christine from CA said: March 9th, 2014 

Slightly Disappointed 

~I've been turning to PAC for all my aquatic plants for the past year and have had a great experience with the superior quality (&quantity!). Unfortunately, my last two orders were a bit of a let down. The plants I received were much smaller than anticipated. For example, I would order a quantity of 2 plants and would receive 3 or 4 plants that looked like mere cuttings or like they were split from a single plant. I order here for the quality, but with what I've recently gotten and at the price I'm paying, I'm better off going to my local aquatics store. I don't think I'll be buying again. It just doesn't feel worth it.

Dave From North Carolina Said: March 8th, 2014

 Could not be happier! 

~ I just received my first shipment with PAC. The plants were sealed inside of a plastic bag and wrapped in wet newspaper which was all bundled up in a piece of insulation, awesome! I received an extra clump of bacopa and a second bulb of dwarf lily! How cool is that! You guys rock and for all of my future planted tank needs, I intend you use your company. Keep up the great work!

Chris From Hawaii said: February 28th, 2014

First class aquatic plants

~ I just received my second of two orders that I placed last week. Very quick, efficient and bravo to USPS for getting them to me all the way out here in Hawaii. Extra kudos to the folks at Planted Aquariums Central for their awesome packing skills. Both boxes arrived in excellent condition as did the fragile and valuable merchandise inside. Already have the plants in the aquarium and they're already looking great! I can't wait until they are established and flourishing in their new home. Extremely satisfied customer and you definitely have my future business! A big MAHALO (Thank you) to the folks at!

Jeff Nolan From Oklahoma said: February  26th, 2014

Great job on the plants

~Well really impressed great shipping and even better packing. Will be back , very healthy looking also. Thanks Jeff

Carol From Missouri Said: February 26th, 2014

Wonderful Plants, Wonderful Service!!!

 ~ I ordered during one of the coldest times of the year. The service was professional, fast, and my plants showed up looking beautiful and healthy. I don't usually leave feedback, but felt that credit was definitely due here. Thank you!!!!

Zack From Indiana said: February 21st, 2014


  ~arrived in 3 days, great looking plants in generous quantities!

Ken Reaves From VA Said: February 18th, 2014

  Very Happy!

~I got my plants yesterday despite the crazy snow storm here on the east coast. I got the planted in my 55 gal high tech tank. The dwarf baby tears started to pearl almost immediately. The lily bulb took a beating but I'm sure it will bounce back strong. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and will no doubt be ordering again very soon. Thank you so much!

Zach from Pennsylvania Said: February 18th, 2014

Wonderful Message

~I will definitely be ordering plants again from here. They arrived packaged extremely nicely. All the plants I received were in excellent condition. Can't wait to order more from here.

Robert from TX said: February14th, 2014

 Great looking Plants!

~My plants arrived today and I am very pleased seeing them in my 29gal tank. I am a beginner but have found that I love aquariums and especially the plants that I got from Planted Aquariums Central. I am extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of the plants I received. Thanks Planted Aquarium people

CA form Wisconsin Said: February 12, 2014


~I just received my third order of plants from here in the last six month and am again very pleased with the plants received. From great customer service, to excellent shipping (including looking into the best shipping option during holiday weeks, to healthy, generous plant portions, to the unexpected extra plant(s) sent along with each shipment...this is a wonderful business that I will definitely continue to work with and recommend. Thank you!

Penny from Georgia said: February 7, 2014

Very Happy

~I ordered my plants on Monday afternoon and had them by Thursday midday. I was very, very happy with the quality of the plants. Will definitely order from here in the future!

Ronald P From Florida said: December 24th, 2013 12:41 pm

I ordered enough plants for a new 300 gallon tank. The plants arrived on time, in excellent condition, and far exceed my expectations. I will only order for here in furure.

jj savilonis said: December 22nd, 2013 5:27 pm

Just bought a small 29 gal tank after a 6 yr lapse. Looking for a lot of help to make a freshwater tank to be proud of! Hope to have live plants and a community tank. Last tank was a 39gal. saltwater that was fun. It was colorful but more work than expected!

Michel Verwaal said: December 12th, 2013 6:32 pm

Received another shipment as allways in excellent condition H.C. on a mat and Anubias Nana petite. In the past i've orderded Rotala Indica,Purple Cabomba,Blyxa Japonica,Tiger Lotus,Temple Sword,Wisteria and Italian Valls wich are all thriving. I dose E.I.,Flourish Excel,Flourish Iron & Flourish Comprehensive Supplement. And installed a mini tumbler with micro pellest from two little fishies in it and eradicated algae.

Chad S. said: December 10th, 2013 6:13 pm

Just wanted to say the plants I got 3 months ago are all still doing great. I've bought plants online before and they all seemed to either get abused by the fish or die off on their own. It's nice to finally get my money's worth. Thanks!

Tamer said: November 24th, 2013 1:49 pm

The plants I ordered were in immaculate condition! Correspondence was prompt and the packaging was great. I ordered a variety of plants but was especially pleased with the dwarf baby tears mat. My overall experience was excellent!!!

Debbie Rosen said: November 21st, 2013 9:32 pm

Plants got here in great condition. just have them in tank waiting to be planted and they already look amazing. We also got extra plants included. Will buy from you again.

Josue said: October 31st, 2013 10:15 am I am stunned with Planted aquarium central, it is the best site to get plants from. I have bought plants form other places but they all have failed me in some point, unlike PAC, I will always buy plants here from now on... reasons, cheap, great quality plants, they always send you a lot of plants and some extra! and fast shipping.

Jordan R said: October 30th, 2013 1:13 pm

I ordered seven different varieties of plants. The only negative I have is I didn't purchase more! They are big, vibrant, beautiful plants! The MADAGASCAR LACE PLANT is insanely awesome! The DWARF BABY TEARS are so lusciously green! I had it shipped UPS, and only because I live so close to AZ. I'll definitely be ordering from this website again! Thanks Planted Aquariums Central!!!

Daniel said: October 29th, 2013 5:53 pm Truly impressed. Plants arrived fast and are AMAZING quality. Thanks! Eric said: October 28th, 2013 5:25 am I have ordered from Planted Aquariums Central a couple of times now. They upgraded my shipping to 2 days and even threw in a few extra plants! The plants were delivered in wonderful condition. The packaging was great. The people at Planted Auariums Central really take their time and care for their plants. I am super happy with my purchases and will always buy my aquarium plants from them!

Eric said: October 21st, 2013 9:24 am

Ordered 6 different types of plants and they arrived in great condition 2 days later! I noticed the shipping was even upgraded to 2 days! I am definitely going to always order my plants from here. They are also very generous with the portions of plants that they give. Wonderful! Couldn't be happier!

Jessica said: October 17th, 2013 2:44 pm

Overall, I am happy with my order. I ordered about 70 dollars worth of plants and only one species that I ordered did not take in my tank. The rest of the plants were all in great shape and most started to grow roots within a week or two. Would order again in a heartbeat!

Nathan said: October 14th, 2013 6:35 am

This has been my first time ordering from Planted Aquariums Central. I am beyond pleased! Plants were packed extremely well and I even received a few extras! Not one plant arrived in anything less than pristine condition. I'll definitely be ordering from this website again!

Cindy said: October 2nd, 2013 4:17 pm First time ordering through and I can definitely say I'll be ordering from them again. Plants were full, gorgeous and arrived in only 2 days. She also threw in an extra 6 stems of Golden Creeping Jenny! Thank you for the great plants and service!

Beverly Quarles said: September 26th, 2013 12:53 pm I just got my order and all I can say is WOW. The plants are beautiful. The packing was a work of art and I didn't have one plant that wasn't healthy and gorgeous. I just finished putting them into my new 20 gallon tank that has been sitting ready for them for over a week. I plan on redoing my old 10 gallon tank and putting it somewhere else in the house, so I will be ordering more plants very soon. Thanks, Bev Q.

Keith said: September 24th, 2013 11:00 am As usual, plants arrived in excellent condition, on time and well packaged. Kudos again. Vicki said: September 21st, 2013 6:28 pm Very happy with my first order. All plants arrived quick, healthy and beautiful. They are all doing very well in my tank. I couldn't be happier and thank you for the extra piece of cholla. Much appreciated! : )

Beverly Green said: September 17th, 2013 5:57 pm We received our very large order today and were pleasantly surprised at how well all the plants looked. This was or first order from PAC and we will definitely be ordering in the future. Can't wait until the plants have taken over the newly planted tank. One suggestion would be to have the plants labeled. When you get as large an order as we did it would have been helpful to have the plants labeled.

Randi Holbrook said: September 16th, 2013 10:46 am Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL, healthy, very green plants! They arrived in two days, in perfect condition despite 100 degree heat where I live. This is either the third or fourth time I've ordered from you, and won't consider buying from anyone else, provided you have what I'm looking for. Thank you for the freebie water conditioner too! I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Stephani said: September 11th, 2013 1:29 pm Everything arrived packaged well and so healthy! I even got a little bonus plant with my order :) So glad to have found you. Will use again..

Regena Perrier said: September 9th, 2013 6:45 pm Will be ordering in the near future Ca said: August 29th, 2013 4:47 pm Ordered 30 plants Sunday night. They shipped Monday morning and arrived four days later in excellent condition. The plants look very healthy - colorful, vibrant, lush. Thank you for a great product (including the freebies!) and excellent service!

Hans said: August 26th, 2013 7:21 pm thank you for the order - all of the plants arrived lush and full and look super in the tank! Gary said: August 5th, 2013 7:07 pm This was my second order from PAC and once again an excellent quality of plants. I ordered 5 different plants and they are all wonderful. The foxtails are gorgeous and the rotala wallichii are colorful. Once again, I got a free surprise-- a extra dwarf lily plant (both lily plants are full of leaves and beautiful) Thanks again. Will order more in the future.

Dan Orvis said: August 2nd, 2013 11:26 am Received 5 different plants all came in good condition and still moist and cool. Thank You.

Donald Fritsche said: July 30th, 2013 1:03 pm I received both aquarium plants in great condition and they are thriving in my tank! I now know where to go for quality, healthy plants! Thanks!

Victor said: July 24th, 2013 2:59 pm Great DHG mats. They arrived quickly without some silly shipping and timing requirements. Will definitely order plants again.....

Ar said: July 22nd, 2013 3:38 pm Great site, lots of info. To bad you don't ship to Canada. Paul Reschke said: July 18th, 2013 2:03 pm Shout out of thank to Cloud9 aquariums for the source suggestion. Giving it an initial order, to dress and established (1 year) 75 gallon tank, looking foward to some Texas success.

Tom Williams said: July 18th, 2013 10:23 am My order was waiting for me when I got home last night. All four plants were in good condition and the Brazilian Pennywort was a very generous portion. The entire order cost less than shipping alone would have been at other online stores. And one store had so many rules about how and when to order, I wasn't sure they wanted business. You will be my first stop for future plan purchases. Thanks, Tom

Gary said: July 1st, 2013 8:42 pm Heard about PAC through Cloud9aquariums on youTube, and I'm glad I did. My first order was for the 20 Gallon Low Light Plant Package, with a few additions...WOW..every plant was amazing, but the Amazon Sword was extremely stunning ( it was supposed to be a medium plant, but filled my 20 gallon tank from top to bottom)...Very pleased. Thanks for everything.

glenda said: June 17th, 2013 9:26 pm My plant order arrived last Saturday and they were PERFECT! They look awesome in my tank. I will be ordering again and will encourage my son to oder here, also! Thanks again!

Emily said: June 10th, 2013 6:36 pm Found this site through Reddit's r/plantedtank special offers! Great healthy plants and very speedy delivery! Will definitely be coming back again in the future.

Chris said: May 28th, 2013 8:54 pm I am so HAPPY with the plants I received. Nicely packaged, flourishing and full The Madagascar Lace were some of the nicest largest specimens I've ever seen!!. I will definately be a repeat customer. Quick shipping and excellent seller communication. Such a pleasure to do business with. Thank you.

Ryan said: May 25th, 2013 1:14 am Just got my order today! All plants were in great shape except for the red tiger lotus. It's leaves were torn up a bit but I'm sure it'll grow new ones to replace then in no time. As an added bonus, many of the bunch plants came with extra stems.

Barbara Allen said: May 23rd, 2013 6:43 pm My first purchase from Planted Aquariums Central & it certainly will not be my last. My plants arrived 3 days after I ordered, & I am thrilled with the quality as well as the quantity of the plants. They are just lush & dark green & as healthy as can be. I know my fishies are going to love having them in their home. I have a plant stratus bottom under my Caribsea black sand bottom & the plants are just fabulous looking there! Thank you for selling a product you can be proud of. Oh, I almost forgot... The plants were so well contained. First sealed in plastic, then in newspaper, then in some type of soft fiber like a heavy cotton batting, but it wasn't cotton. Bravo to your company! I will return!

Richard Fremer said: May 20th, 2013 2:41 pm Received my plant order today, AWESOME-AWESOME-AWESOME. Plants in GREAT CONDITION!!! Thank You!

Barbara Allen said: May 20th, 2013 1:08 pm I just started my new 55 gal aquascape with info from your website and I must say, it has worked out beautifully. I am cycling it now and cannot wait to move my fish to it. I love all the advice available here and followed your instructions but with my own "dreamscape" of what an underwater tropical river would look like big a big old tree root reaching down into it and another piece broken off into the water to create an archway and rocks to create caves for the fishies to race through. Also, tied anubas and Java fern in place, stuck combamba into the tree roots and floated some bacopa around the top of the tree root. Looks like it's growing there and it's quite beautiful. I love the looks of it all and my fish & ghost shimp seem well satisfied as they are racing around enjoying all their new space. Thanks to your wonderful website!

Gregg said: May 10th, 2013 4:47 pm My second time shopping here and for the second time I am amazed how healthy the plants are. This is the best online aquarium plant store hands down. They may not have every plant in the hobby but the ones they have are truly high quality. The amounts are very generous as well. You get your money worth here.

Bob McGregor said: May 9th, 2013 3:46 pm I highly recommend Planted Aquarium Central for all your aquarium plant needs. I received healthy, beautiful, vibrant plants. I will be ordering from you folks again. Thanks !!

Jordan R said: May 7th, 2013 5:57 am First time ordering aquatic plants and couldn't have found a better place to get them! Ordered $130 worth of plants for my 100 gallon aquarium and all of them arrived in excellent condition. Great packaging, fast shipping, all around pleasant experience!

Eric Silver said: April 29th, 2013 9:13 am Wow! That is the best way to describe my shopping experience. Plants arrive healthy and vibrant; packing was superb; and I received more than I ordered. Planted Aquariums Central is now my #1 source for aquatic plants.

Shelley said: April 27th, 2013 10:23 pm WOWWW!!!!! I never write comments about anything I order, but I simply had to here. I ordered a large number of plants to start my 55 g aquascape. The order arrived within the expected amount of time. When I opened the box, I was really impressed with the care that had gone into packaging them for a safe journey. Once I had all the packaging open and examined the plants, I was amazed to find all of them in such fantastic shape. I was most impressed by how they looked exactly like the photos on the website. I was expecting more juvenile specimens and received well developed plants. Of the approximate 10 species I ordered, the majority are growing in beautifully after a little over a week. I have had some difficulty with the Hemianthus callitrichoides establishing itself, but I believe this is due to my lack of experience with this plant and not the specimens I received. I ordered some replacements this evening and am certain with more meticulous planting techniques, this bunch will do as well as all the others have. Thank you so much for really caring about what you do. The love you have given these plants is quite evident.

Dom B said: April 23rd, 2013 4:38 pm First time buyer. Plants arrived in perfect condition and expertly packed. Expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Great prices and superb quality. I chose this site after reading several glowing reviews on other sites and they are well deserved. Thank you again. Looking forward to doing more business.

Sean C said: April 22nd, 2013 9:10 pm TERRIFIC!!! First time ordering here. I could not believe how nice and healthy the plants were. They were larger then most places I have gotten aquarium plants. Shipped within 24 hours and received in 48 hours later. What else could you ask for. Highly recommended!!

jt said: April 22nd, 2013 3:48 am Not such high ratings. Not sure if I would order again. Plants shipped right away and arrived in 3 days as expected. Plants arrived in good condition. I was disappointed with the Anubias Lovers Pkg. I expected the plants to be larger in size, especially the lanceolata and frazeri.

Duc Ly said: April 19th, 2013 4:33 pm First time I purchased hairgrass from this seller on ebay and the plant arrived in good condtion. My old hairgrass is still thriving. Wanted to purchase from this seller again, but didn't see anything the seller listed on ebay, but took a wild guess buy googling the seller's member name and voila. Ebay's fees and paypal love to ripoff seller with their unreasonable fees. Anyways, my plants just arrived yesterday safe and sound and the plants look great in my desktop tank and 50 gallon.

Vreugy said: April 17th, 2013 6:24 pm First order, but definitely not my last. I expected nice plants, but I got the most beautiful, lush healthy plants I have ever seen. About half the price of my LFS or one of the larger "Pet" stores. Even came faster than I would have expected. Thanks so much for your services

Ann Doggette said: April 11th, 2013 4:06 pm This is our third time ordering, and we are always impressed with the quality of the plants we receive. Another thing I love about ordering here is that any questions you have are promptly answered! Thanks again, for such wonderful plants and service!

Tony L. said: April 11th, 2013 7:41 am I have purchased three times from here. Every single time the plants that I ordered came in excellent shape. The service is so good I have never gone anywhere else.

Lemuel Torres said: March 25th, 2013 8:38 pm Great great great thumbs up #1 online aquarium plant dealer all the plants I recived were in great conditions no snails or dead stems green and lush this is indeed my one stop for aquatic plants

Dean said: March 19th, 2013 10:44 am Helpful site

Carlos Martinez said: March 12th, 2013 1:36 am First time ordering plants online and i was amazed at the quality of the plants when i got them in the mail.

Dave said: March 11th, 2013 5:05 pm I ordered water lily bulbs from here. They were excellent bulbs with sprouts. I was impressed also by the timely shipping and great packaging job. I highly recommend buying from Planted Aquariums Central.

Jim said: March 6th, 2013 5:59 pm I have purchased plants twice now from Planted Aquarium central. Both times the plants were packaged very well and arrived in perfect condition. All of my plants were very nice, healthy specimens. These people do plants right. I have no need or desire to shop for aquarium plants any place else. Well done. Jim.

Zack said: February 25th, 2013 3:23 pm My plants arrived today, looking spectacular! the fish are very interested in their new plants, especially my tiger barbs. i can't wait for them to grow and fill in! thanks for the speedy delivery, healthy plants, and extra bunch of Rotala Indicia! i will be ordering from here again!

Kristin said: February 16th, 2013 7:33 pm I've ordered plants a couple of times here during the past month and they have all arrived looking absolutely fabulous and are thriving! Very well packed, healthy, and fast shipping. Also, thank you for the few extras. I will definitely be back!

Nate said: February 12th, 2013 7:59 pm I have placed several orders and all have turned out well. I always get a few more plants than ordered. Low cost plants are packed nicely, look great, and arrive quickly. Customer service is great too. If you're buying your first live plants I highly suggest buying from here.

Daniel said: February 11th, 2013 1:17 pm I recieved my order a few days ago, I wasn't able to come home on time so they were left out in the cold for a while. they were neatly packaged, had all the instructions you really would need. And I really appreciate how healthy the plants were. Don't think twice from getting plants from here, they won't dissapoint. This won't be my last time to order from here

Deb said: February 10th, 2013 5:21 pm I received my order yesterday...the plants were all very healthy and larger than I expected. I even got an extra Java fern. I would definitely order here again! Steve Sannan said: February 10th, 2013 3:09 pm Awesome quality! Very pleased. I'd love to see your operation! Thanks again, will be back.

Jim said: February 8th, 2013 6:32 pm great plants, fast service. Joseph Benfante said: February 6th, 2013 5:42 pm My plants arrived neatly packed in paper and very well insulated. The plants themselves were very healthy with very well developed root systems. Will be a regular customer :-)

jonas said: January 29th, 2013 8:12 pm plants in very good condition ,This is my first time to order online, this will not be the last time ordering on this site. thank for extra bunches.

Joseph said: January 28th, 2013 10:53 am AWESOME ! First time ordering and probably the last time I order anywhere else, 2 day shipping was great and plants looked fantastic ! Buy the Anubias Lovers package, YOU WILL LOVE IT !

Steve Framke said: January 16th, 2013 6:14 am The BEST place to order plants period. You get extra healthy clean plants everytime. I have been ordering since I got back in the hobby and I've been doing this for 40 years. The plants are the best I've ever found. Fast Delivery everytime.

Ben said: January 15th, 2013 9:18 am First time ordering, got healthy plants in excellent condition. was very impressed. Received more cuttings than i expected. Will not be my last order from this site.

Jim L said: January 9th, 2013 4:48 pm Great service ! Received the plants on time, many add'l plants inluded, and in excellent condition. It's nice that there is no minimum order ( I was ordering only one plant species) and shipping is reasonable. Thankyou, Jim (San Jose, Ca)

sass327 said: January 7th, 2013 12:56 pm Great plants.....very pleased !!!

Kiki said: January 3rd, 2013 7:12 pm Beautiful plants! Always a happy customer! Shipping is always super fast. Thank you so much for the extra bunches. AAA++++ Goots said: January 2nd, 2013 5:36 pm Great selection, and great customer service. All of our members here at /r/PlantedTank ( have been very satisfied after ordering from you. Keep up the good work!

Kelly said: December 22nd, 2012 1:32 pm Just got my first order of plants and I am so impressed! I was nervous about ordering plants online because this is my first planted tank and it is winter in Minnesota. The plants all arrived in fabulous condition (despite the freezing temperatures), and look great in my tank. Hopefully now I can keep them all alive! I will definitely buy from here again.

Lincoln Rychecky said: December 20th, 2012 6:46 pm I received my plant weights in one day and they work great. Will be ordering again.

Richard said: December 12th, 2012 7:49 pm Received my order of plants today, and they look great. Awesome color on the Nesaea sp and also the ludwigia repens broadleaf. Nice size Nana' as well as the cryptocoryne wendtii(thinking of splitting that one into 2-plants! Thanks again for a professional transaction. Item exactly as described, great condition, well packed and prompt delivery! Can't get better service than that without you coming here to plant them for me.

Z said: December 12th, 2012 6:59 pm I was very unsure about ordering plants online. The overpriced shipping most places charge (requiring UPS 2nd day or overnight) kept me from buying before. Then I found this site. Thought I would take the chance. I am SO happy I did. The plants were in amazing shape. VERY well packaged, beautiful and healthy. In fact better condition then anything I've purchased at my local stores. Any future plant purchases will be made here. They have won a customer for life. Also, very good with communication when I needed to make a quick change to my order. Shipped out the next day. I can't say enough about how happy I am.

Kiki said: December 11th, 2012 5:01 pm The plants are in beautiful condition once again! Cannot be happier with the Aponogeton boivinianus and the Hydrotiche hottoniiflora! As always, the shipping could not be better either. Thank you so much!

Anhony M Piasecki said: December 7th, 2012 8:40 pm Received my Vallisneria Spiralis, Crypt Wendetii Redd and the mini Xmas moss, I placed the order in the evening and two days later it made it across the U.S. Intact and the specimens are as healthy as they were coming out of the tank farm. Thanks for the beautiful Plants.

Cara said: December 4th, 2012 11:16 pm This was the first time I ordered plants online and was worried about their condition when I got them. When I got my package, I saw that my plants were expertly packaged and came in perfect condition. I'll definitely get my plants here in the future.

Tom said: November 19th, 2012 10:15 pm I ordered Wednesday, and my order arrived on Monday. The plants look as good as the pictures, and some better despite having been shipped. I received two extra bundled plants, and one extra rooted plant at no extra cost. I will not shop for aquatic plants elsewhere.

Kat said: November 17th, 2012 3:36 pm WOW again!! This was my 2nd order and had to say again how impressed I am with the quality of your plants. They're very healthy, packed amazingly good and the size noted on the plant description page. Was needing some tall plants and when the description said 15" at shipping it was no lie. I always recommend you to anyone that ask where to buy plants because I know they won't be disappointed and will be as thrilled as I am when I open the package. I thank you and more importantly my fish thank you. :)

Paul E said: November 7th, 2012 3:55 pm I was recommended to purchase my plants from you by Tithra33 who has a Youtube channel about keeping goldfish. I am extremely happy that I followed her advice. My plants look great, came quickly, were packaged well, and arrived safely. I can't wait for a reason to purchase more. Thank you so much for all of your efforts! They really, really are very much appreciated.

Katarina said: November 7th, 2012 3:26 pm I placed mu order on November 3rd, everything arrived on November 7th...unbelievably well packed and what a surprise do receive a generous extra piece of dwarf baby tears - ordered 2 mats but really received almost three...thank you so much for my beautiful, healthy plants...will definitely recommend your site to my friends and will order from you in the future...

Kevin said: November 1st, 2012 8:45 am Just received my order last night. Wow. Beautiful, healthy and big. You've gained a repeat customer. Thank you.

Leslie said: October 31st, 2012 8:40 pm I also placed my order late on a Friday and had it arrive Monday. Very well packed, very healthy plants. The red plants have great color and all look beautiful. And, best of all, NO SNAILS!!!

Ray said: October 30th, 2012 1:20 am I ordered late Friday afternoon & my package arrived in Minneapolis Monday morning via USPO Priority mail. As before everything was meticulously packaged to withstand postal abuse & inclement weather. All plants were as described & appeared healthy & vigorous. Again PAC exceeded my expectations. This is my second order & the quality is better than any local store can boast. The Madagascar Lace Plants are exceptionally beautiful. The Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' looks great with the Hygrophila corymbosa I bought last time. PAC makes buying water plants so easy. Whether it's 'crypts', swords, moss, or any of the other incredible plants I've purchased from PAC, they've been worth every cent & more!

ay said: October 24th, 2012 10:33 pm The BEST place to buy aquatic plants! I just got my plants today and they are amazingly healthy. Great quality and customer service. AND! I received way more than I ordered. They really do aim to please!. Expect me to buy plants here again! The packaging was great and the price for these plants is amazing! I cant even get these plants locally! Just put it this way. I just can't explain how impressed I am. Thank you for the wonderful service and plants.

Claude B said: October 22nd, 2012 6:59 am Excellent service and thanks for the extra plants. Will buy again. Nick in CA said: October 16th, 2012 12:47 pm Hands down the best place to get plants. Every single plant growing in my tanks has come from PAC and they're amazing. I always look for a reason to place an order, whether I'm changing a layout or just trying to learn how certain plants grow through personal experience, PAC makes it so easy .The shipping is super quick, plants arrive looking great because of thoughtful packaging, and the owner always send some kind of special surprise that makes your day. I really love this store.

ColtPixy said: October 15th, 2012 5:10 pm My order arrived earlier today and all of the awesome, healthy plants are now planted in a tank. All of the plants are beautiful! I highly recommend Planted Aquariums Central!!

Terra said: October 12th, 2012 1:31 pm Holy cow! I ordered what I thought would be a total of 6 plants. Each "plant" was actually a bunch of steams/leaves so I got way more than i expected. On top of that I got a total of 8 bunches rather than 6. I had to wait a little longer than expected for the shipping due to ordering on a Wednesday and Monday being a postal holiday, but it was certainly worth the wait. The plants are massive, plentiful, and perfectly green. If I had to come up with a reason to complain, it would be only that the seller didn't give me a 2nd aquarium to put them all in!

Gia DeGenova said: October 6th, 2012 2:24 pm Hi, I received my plants yesterday. They are Amazing. Great quality. The box was short one, but I received 2 extras of another variety so I'm not going to complain. I had ordered 2 hygrophilia corymbosa but received only one. It's huge tho and 2 would be too big! Plus the prices are great and the service was excellent. Thanks a lot!

Kay in TX said: October 5th, 2012 4:43 pm Received my plants today; seller is very on top of shipping! I got an extra crypt, which is always good. The plants all look nice though the poor red tiger lotus (super pretty) had a couple of its long stems damaged in transit. (I'd have cut them anyway to encourage more horizontal growth so no harm done.) thanks!

Gabe said: October 4th, 2012 11:12 am I took a dive and for the first time ordered aquatic plants online... I can safely say I did not regret it one bit. This is definitely the place to get your plants! Plants came in a timely manner, well packaged, and alive! I recommend them for sure.

Josh said: September 29th, 2012 12:07 pm I just received my plants and I could not be happier. They are all in excellent condition and look better than any thing I would have gotten locally. Great prices and beautiful plants A+ seller

Kiki said: September 27th, 2012 6:33 pm Thank you so much for the good-looking plants! I always get more plants than I order, which I really appreciate! Very good communication, shipping and handling, and the plants could not look any better… The Cryptocoryne retrospiralis looks beautiful, and I got two extra retrospiralis! The Rotala Macrandra var. narrow leaf looks good and got an extra bunch. The Red Flame Sword is good-looking, and very big! I also got an extra bunch of Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' and it is in very good shape after four days of shipping. I got in total four Cyperus Helferi when the sale said for one… However, the best part is the I got a very big plant that I did not order… it was a big surprise to get a Rubin Sword that was about 18 inches tall! You can really see how generous this seller is! The plants that I bought here in the past always looked very good, and the plants that I ordered last are also beautiful, but this does not mean that I will not order here again. I always had a good experience buying here, and I am always satisfied! J I will send some photos of my aquariums when the plants have settled in a bit.

Charlotte Mansour said: September 24th, 2012 6:18 pm I just received my plant order, and I couldn't be happier! I am so happy that the cardamine and the java fern didn't melt too much before getting to me. The plants are beautiful and I really appreciated the extra surprises! She threw in an extra (smaller) java fern and another small stem of cardamine. I don't think many plant suppliers would do that (; I am also in LOVE with my little marimo ball!! I thought that it would have lost a little bit of its fuzz but it is super full and green! I will be coming back for ALL of my future plant orders! Thank you so much!

Erin said: September 18th, 2012 4:38 pm I've ordered plants twice now and both times the health and size of the plants has been PHENOMENAL. Seriously, I don't even bother buying aquatic plants from anyone else anymore, because I know these are the best I can get for the price. They even threw in an extra bunch of pennywort on my last shipment. Great quality, generous portions, I am now a dedicated customer!

Gregg in Phoenix, AZ said: September 17th, 2012 7:54 pm WOW! Received my plants today and WOW! Big, generous bunches of super healthy plants. Packaged with care and high quality. Super price! Plants from other retailers on the net don't even come close in quality, health, amount, and packing. Lightning fast shipping, too. This little business is a true gem! Will definitely buy from them again! Big Thank You! Money well spent.

Kevin said: September 14th, 2012 6:43 am Great service and healthy plants that arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Highly recommend!

Toan Pham said: September 2nd, 2012 3:36 pm Forgot to sign the Guestbook like I usually do. Since I've been so into my Iwagumi project. But anyways, Heather has been very helpful to me. Especially the plants, the quality are outstanding!! I've continued to refer multiple friends to her and she's my #1 plant supplier!

Lindsay said: August 31st, 2012 4:18 pm Received my plant package in the mail today, and I couldn't be happier! I had previously bought plants from you on aquabid, but the store format made it much easier to see what I was getting. Shipped the day after I ordered (even shorter since I think I placed my order at midnight!), packaging was perfect, and I got more than my money's worth of plants. I had made my purchases with hopes of filling out a 40 gallon tank and I was able to spread it out between the 40 gallon, a 29 gallon, and a 4 gallon. I will be a returning customer for sure. :)

Samantha said: August 30th, 2012 6:52 pm I received my order today and my plants arrived in beautiful shape. This is the best order I have gotten over the Internet. Great business with wonderful products. I will be ordering again.

Pauline said: August 29th, 2012 1:34 pm Received my plants today and they are gorgeous. My last shipment was misdirected by the post office and the plants arrived after many days of traveling through the US in 90+ degrees weather. They looked pretty sad. I decided to try another order hoping the USPS would take a shorter route. Well the plants arrived quickly and they are GORGEOUS! I'm glad I tried again. I will be back! :)

Jesse Thunder said: August 26th, 2012 11:32 am Wonderful and lovely website! I found you on AquaBid and also came across you on eBay. So nice that you also have a website. :-) I've been searching for large Marimo Moss Balls, but you have GIGANTIC! Wooohooooo! And other plants that I've been looking at for my Malawi tank. Looking forward to order and I will post a review next time.

John said: August 25th, 2012 7:33 pm Just submitted yet another purchase tonight. Every order is always generous, well packed and healthy. There is no peer to planted aquariums central as far as I am concerned. If you are reading this, check out your cart, you will not be disappointed.